Thursday, 31 March 2016

Resin - Step by Step Process

This post is for my crafty friend Dr.Sonia who is celebrating her 5 million page viewers.She encouraged me to try out resin first I was very hesitant then I saw some her projects and decided to give it a try. Here we go...... tons of pics it might take time to load.

2 Paper cups - one for measuring and bigger one for mixing.
Made a marking on the small cup
 for measuring the liquid so that I get the right quantity.  

I bought the resin at my local craft shop - Devi&co Bangalore
I wrote how many parts to use on top of the bottle so that I won't forget.

All the things needed for making resin embellishment.Keep some
tissues nearby.

Add 1 part of hardener till the mark,pour it very slowly so that no air
bubbles are formed.Use a gloves its very sticky.

Transfer the liquid to the bigger cup use the plastic spoon to
scoop out the liquid.

Next add 2 parts of resin

Mix both the liquids together very slowly for 5 mins...first it will
look little cloudy then it will become clear

I used the spoon to pour the resin into the molds....

Use toothpick to clear the bubbles

Leave it for 3 will harden 

Pop out the resin 

I went overboard and made all these resin embellishment.

Added color to the heart and glitter to fairy

heyyyy no air bubbles...

 Projects with resin

Notepad organizer for my son....he wouldn't let me take a pic of his book.

I didn't stop with resin I found how to make silicone molds for them.

I'm done for now....once again thank you Sonia and congrats on your milestone.


  1. That's lovely. How did you bring TB antique effect on the goddess and Ganesha? It was plain n transparent right? Would be glad if u could clear this doubt

    1. Thank get the antique finish apply black paint and gold paint with finger.

  2. SUper Anuja!! And hehe keep some of those doggy ones for me will you...they are soooo adorable !!

  3. These are SO great!!! I just happened upon this post--can you tell me where you got the Mickey, Minnie and other Disney molds?? I'd LOVE to get my mom some for a gift. Thanks!!!

  4. Wow! This is something I’d love to learn to do!