Friday, 25 October 2013

Viking Knit Bracelet

I've been wanting to try this viking chain for quite sometime, till now whenever I saw this intricate design I assumed it was going to be very difficult and also looking at the name I thought its got to do something with knitting (not my area of interest) so I didn't give it a try. Recently I went to a craft fair ,there I saw this design I very much wanted to buy it but the price was high.... so I decided to make one for myself.

Materials used
Aen Key
28 gauge wire(from Itsy Bitsy)
Wire cutter
Eye pin
Metal Clasps

First chain turned out good but it had few kinks here and there, but not noticeable.

Looking at the chain my daughter asked me to make a bracelet for her.
First made the viking knit bracelet
Next filled the bracelet with crystal beads
Added the end caps
Finished it by hanging few charms to it.

VOILA pretty bracelet ready....

If anyone interested in learning the technique for this bracelet do email me at or leave a coment.


  1. you have done it beautifully anuja, good luck


  2. It looks beautiful.. Esp. after adding the charms!!

    1. thanks esvee....even i liked it with the tiny charms

  3. so Beautiful Anuja..braclet is amazing ..

  4. Your jewellery is a class apart Anuja. I am always amazed by your ideas! Thanks so much for playing along with the Anything Goes with ItsyBitsy Challenge. All the very best!